Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Make A WebSite And Make Money From It - Step By Step Guide.

Step by step guides on how to make a website and make money from it while you asleep. Follow these steps and you’ll have yourself a website that makes money for you while you enjoying making other profitable websites over and over again.

This is the exact footprint of how we make websites and make money from it. You can do it too, even if you know nothing about making a website. You don’t need to know html or any programming skills to make your own website and start making money from it. If you can sign-up for a yahoo email account, you can make a website too.

So if making a website is not hard at all, then why aren’t everyone making money from it? Well, making a website is easy, but making a website to make money from it is a different story. We don’t just make a website, we make profitable websites. The good news is, we are showing you axactly how we do it here.

So, shall we start?

We do not start making a website right away. That will be a bad mistake. Do this first step right and everything will fall in place as you go along.

A good understanding of your target audience will keep you from making too many mistakes like creating unneeded content, inappropriate graphics and many others.

You may wonder why this is important. And I Know you can’t wait to make a website and make money from it, but these steps are very crucial for the success of your website. If you want to know why you have to do this, visit this link. Why do a keyword research? 

Now the patient is over. It is time to make a website.

I know you’ve been waiting for this step. Now here is how you make money from your website.

Step 7 Test Your Website's Overall Performance With Google Adwords
If you can afford to get at least 1,000 targeted visitors to your website, you'll learn a lot about your website, your target market and other important statistics. You can use these statistics to make a decision on the next step.

Step 8 Refine Your Website
You can only be sure of what needs to be fixed after after receiving a good amount of targeted traffic. That's why step 7 is very important.

The money is in the list, and the only tool to help you do that is an autoresponder.

Now this is the engine behind your website’s success. Put all your effort here. If you follow the steps on how to make a website and make money from it, then all you have to do is drive traffic to your website.

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